Welcome to the West Midlands’ Health Technologies Cluster

Promoting the health technologies sector in The West Midlands.

Our mission is to help grow the contribution to our economy made by successful health technologies businesses. So measures of our success will include greater wealth creation and higher employment in this sector.

We want to help you if you:

  • Have an idea for an innovative health technologies product or service
  • Want to set up a business in the West Midlands
  • Need help to maintain and enhance an existing business
  • Can support health technologies businesses, be it advice, supplies or investment

You may already be supporting our region’s health technologies sector – in academia, finance or professional services. Do please get in touch with us if you think we can help you or you can help us.

We will not pretend that we have all the answers or can provide the solution for every problem ourselves. But we can promise that we have extensive links across the West Midlands. We work cooperatively with business organisations, governments, education and training providers and many other partners. Between us, we can assure you of our full care and attention – we value what you have to offer!

A message from our Executive Chair, David Kidney

As a cluster of health technologies businesses and supporting services, we intend to improve the economic performance of this important sector in the West Midlands.

We plan to focus on building back better after COVID-19, growing the financial value and jobs contributed by the health technologies sector. Priorities for us will include stronger, more resilient, local supply chains, more local procurement of goods and services, relevant skills training, advocacy for the sector and for our region, and helping businesses to have the practical help they may need.

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