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The Cluster is proud to be hosting the HealthTech Showcase as part of Birmingham Tech Week

Date & Time

Thursday | 13 October 2022 | 15:00-19:00 | DLA Piper, Two, Chamberlain Sq, Paradise B3 3AX


Showcasing the region’s best HealthTech. Hosted by the West Midlands Health Technologies Cluster and DLA Piper, bringing together the very best collaborations between industry, academia, and the NHS.

The Health Tech Showcase is a unique opportunity to bring together organisations from the Health and Life Sciences sector. The event will showcase the best innovations in the West Midlands, bringing together leaders from across MedTech, Life Sciences and HealthTech.


Gareth Stokes
Tech & AI

Richard Taylor
Life Science

Michael Stead
Senior Associate

Emily Browne
Associate Dean for
Innovation and Enterprise

Sarah Wright
Global Account

Perninder Dhadwar
Managing Partner

Naomi Nash
Head of Community
& Collaboration

David Kidney

Jono Gilworth
Design Researcher
and Strategist

Karl Obszanski
Founder &

Anil Vaidya
Life Sciences
Sector Lead

Adrian Smith

Adrian image


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Showcase & Demo Organisations

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Exhibitor Layout

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The audience will be a mix of Digital/HealthTech Businesses, Start-ups, Medical Product Designers, Investors, Manufacturers, Innovation Managers, Tech specialists, Local Government, Academics, Healthcare providers and Clinical professionals.

Our Sponsors:

DLA Piper A4 US Letter Dark Blue

DLA Piper is the only truly global law firm based in the West Midlands. With offices placed in key locations worldwide, our firm prides itself on being a one-stop-shop for legal services across the globe in key practice areas that matter to our clients.

Our Life Sciences team is comprised of lawyers with legal, scientific and medical knowledge who understand the complexities of our clients’ businesses and the regulatory environment. 

Location, Location, Location


The state-of-the-art DLA Piper office is designed to the highest environmental standards. Every aspect of the building has been carefully considered to reduce environmental impacts and improve the wellbeing of occupants, from minimising waste during the construction phase to furniture selection and acoustic design.

The building features innovative design elements to help reduce its carbon footprint such as maximising daylight through floor to ceiling glazing to limit the use of artificial lighting.

GDPR and data collection: click here

Data Collection: We have a barcode scanning process in place for this event, all visitors will have a barcode on their badge, this barcode will be used by the exhibitors at the event to scan the visitors badge and receive the visitors data post event. This system reduces time to collect data and is paperless.

If you do not want to share your data, please don’t allow exhibitors to scan your barcode.


P&W staff will be present and in the event of an evacuation will guide all visitors to the fire exits and evacuation point. The following should be communicated to all external attendees where possible.

There is a public address system installed throughout 2 Chamberlain Square and there is a phased evacuation plan in place. In the event of a fire or the alarm being activated please evacuate the building as instructed over the public address system.

On hearing the alarm, you should ensure:

That you listen to the emergency announcement message. 2 Chamberlain Square has a phased evacuation system and some floors will not be required to evacuate immediately.

That all personnel, including visitors and contractors, leave immediately via the 2 main fire exits when told to do so by the fire announcement system.

That the lifts are not used.

Meet at our fire evacuation point which is at Congreve Passage (at the corner of Dishoom restaurant).

2 x P&W staff will be on hand to direct everyone to the fire exits. They will also be in contact with the building security team if there is an evacuation. Once deemed safe they will organise the return to the building.

  • No smoking including e-cigarettes is allowed on the terrace, signs are in place.
  • Items falling from height – Any loose items of any description must be kept away from the glazed perimeter as there is no edge barrier preventing items falling on to pedestrians on the street below.
  • Unsupervised visitors – any non-DLA visitors must be supervised by a DLA employee if they are being shown around the office.
  • Food allergies – all attending to be told to inform the catering team on the day of any known food allergies.

First Aid

Ground floor security will be on site and are first aid trained.

There will be DLA staff present who are first aid trained and will have access to a first aid kit.

Persons with disabilities

Lifts, corridors and walkways are adequate for wheelchair access and disabled toilets are available on DLA floors