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Event Review: The Revolution of Digital Health at Birmingham Tech Week

Our ‘Revolution of Digital Health’ event during Birmingham Tech Week, partnered with AND Digital was a groundbreaking experience.

Hosted at Bruntwoods Scitech’s new state of the art Enterprise Wharf in the Innovation Quarter. We experienced the buildings innovative design elements helping to reduce its carbon footprint.

With over 400 expressions of interest to attend, those that were lucky enough to get their hands on the ‘Golden Ticket’ found themselves immersed in an atmosphere charged with positive energy, enthusiasm, and a sense of shared purpose. 

Our event brought together a diverse array of thought leaders from the digital health realm. Tech giants such as Microsoft, Google, and YouTube shared advancements in technologies, and their contribution to the digital health agenda nationally and globally. Deloitte and AND Digital added their specialist strategic insights, and a reminder of the bigger picture in HealthTech and Digital Health Which is?

Regional NHS trusts, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust and Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust provided examples of Digital Health innovations that are having a positive impact to patient care. 

The discussions centred around how innovations are shaping the future of healthcare in the region and beyond, emphasising the considerations in managing future changes and how collectively we are part of history!

🚀 Exciting Digital Health Insights from the Event! 🚀

🏥 Digital Health Transformation: Explored digital healthcare’s potential, enhancing access and patient engagement.

🔍 Challenges & Considerations: Addressed resistance, data security, and ethics, emphasizing human-centric care and user engagement.

🌍 Population Data & Diversity: Explored West Midlands’ diverse population for research, tackling unconscious bias in healthcare.

🏗️ Infrastructure & Sustainability: Stressed foundational strength, data management, and interoperability before AI adoption.

🔮 Future Predictions: Explored AI, precision medicine, remote monitoring, and blockchain for health security.

🔍 YouTube’s Role: Highlighted YouTube’s healthcare worker verification, combating online misinformation.

💻 Microsoft’s Role: Backing standards for secure health data sharing, promoting AI analytics and Cloud technology.

🔬 Tech Zone: Showcased HealthTech innovations in VR, Drones, MedTech, AI, Software Solutions, and Regulations, inspiring attendees.

The Here and Now

The first discussion chaired by Nathan Warner, AND Digitals Regional Director, asks if “Digital Healthcare is the ‘Silver Bullet’ that will transform modern healthcare”, and if a progressive and effective Digital Health Transformation can solve all the challenges and complexities of the healthcare industry on its own.

The panel discussed, that whilst Digital Health Transformation offers numerous benefits and opportunities, the need to address limitations and considerations.

The engaging conversations delved deep into the ethical, equality and diversity management of change, contemplating its potential impact and consequences in the complex landscape of healthcare. Not forgetting the importance of prevention and self-care being a key component in exploring the roadmap to Healthcare’s Digital Future.

Dr. Aditya (Adi) Kale, Clinical Research Fellow in AI and Digital Health at UHB NHS Trust:

“Tech intended for health, medical, and social care needs to demonstrate proof of concept from a diverse group of patients… care pathways and proven emerging technologies need to integrate with clinical and patient outcomes.”

Fungai Ndemera, Founder, CheckUp Health:

“Our region is ‘The golden ticket’ for innovation and research studies… various conditions and diseases are more prone in specific groups, making our diverse population a valuable asset for clinical trials and research.”

Alex Potter, Director of Digital Strategy:

“Too often digital is seen as a threat to traditional community pharmacy, but I believe the two can and should support one another. They should be two sides of the same coin. Community pharmacy will not survive if it does not embrace digital: my challenge is to ensure that digital becomes a friend not a foe, it needs to provide convenience for our patients and customers and pharmacists”

Envisioning Tomorrow

The final discussion, chaired by Nathan Warner AND Digitals Regional Chair and Club Executive, invited the panel to envision tomorrow and explore what the future holds for healthcare by 2050.

The discussion outlined the key predictions which could advance and revolutionise healthcare and improve patient care in the years to come.

Karen Taylor, UK Centre for Health Solutions Director, Deloitte:

“The future envisions a culture of self-care, where individuals take responsibility through monitoring. Wearable devices and sensors will collect data, alerting individuals and healthcare providers for timely check-ups, emphasising the importance of fitness, health, and lifestyle choices. Globally there is a race to reach the pinnacle of Digital Heath advancements, and the UK is at the forefront.

Dr Vishaal Virani MBBS, Head of UK Health, YouTube:

“We must accelerate the use of digital and AI to improve non-clinical aspects of healthcare. This approach can enhance efficiency, safety, and contribute to better healthcare experiences and outcomes.”

Jason Heyes, Sales Director Public Sector Health, Microsoft:

“The future of healthcare technology is already here. We have the necessary technology to transform healthcare, but the challenge lies in consistent and scalable implementation. Cloud technology offers the capacity needed, with the potential to revolutionise healthcare delivery.”

Samantha Fay, CEO, SiSU Health:

“Access to digital technologies is crucial, but we must prioritise establishing a strong foundation. Sorting out data and interoperability are prerequisites for the giant leaps that AI and other technologies can enable in the healthcare sector.”

Tech Zone

Those that were lucky enough to experience the The Tech Zone had the opportunity to see, touch play with the diverse range of digital and health tech. Gaining insight to the sectors regional landscape with groundbreaking innovations in VR, Devices, AI in Health, Software applications and Drone technology. From companies like Smallfry, Imobisoft, and Skyfarer to health care providers Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust. Our Tech Zone was a testament to the regions extraordinary talent and dedication to advancing healthcare through technology.

  • Health Innovation West Midlands (HIWM) HIWM leads collaborations between academia, industry, healthcare providers, and citizens. They accelerate the adoption of innovative ideas and technologies in healthcare, aiming to transform the region’s health and social care.
  • Smallfry A specialised industrial design consultancy with 45 years of experience. They emphasize strategic design, integrating customer insights into every stage of product development.
  • Quanta Dialysis Technologies They offer the SC+ haemodialysis system, providing portable and flexible solutions for dialysis in different healthcare settings, with FDA clearance for chronic and acute care.
  • Photon Therapeutics A multinational collaborative company focusing on ophthalmic research and clinical science. They develop compliant products that enhance patient results, with a global presence
  • Imobisoft A software and automation solutions provider established in 2009. They focus on delivering complex software solutions and believe in technology’s potential to enhance businesses.
  • West Midlands Growth Company A company working across industries to promote the West Midlands globally. They create jobs, expand businesses, attract investments to West Midlands.
  • Bluefrog Design A progressive product design studio that solves problems by creating user-friendly products. They aim to add value to the world while acting responsibly towards the environment.
  • Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (BCHC) BCHC delivers various NHS services and specialising in primary care, rehabilitation and dental services across the West Midlands.
  • Isla Health Isla Health offers remote patient monitoring solutions, providing clinicians with contextual patient data for effective decision-making in healthcare.
  • YouTube Health YouTube provides high-quality health information through videos, ensuring accessibility to medical expertise globally, combating medical misinformation.
  • Blüm Health Blüm Health develops digital health solutions, connecting healthcare excellence with technological innovation. They offer software solutions and consultancy services in healthtech design and development.
  • Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps (ORCHA): ORCHA overcomes barriers in digital health adoption by providing quality assurance procedures. They evaluate and introduce digital health technologies safely.
  • B13 Technology An award-winning software development company with expertise in traditional and innovative software development, tackling challenges faced by clients in the industry.
  • Skyfarer Skyfarer revolutionises medical supplies delivery using drone technology, ensuring efficient transportation of vital medical resources.
  • Greener Games create VR experiences for recreation and health, and believe that VR has the potential to be a viable new tool for mental health and well-being.
  • DigiPharm The leading value-based healthcare ecosystem dedicated to transforming healthcare procurement and patient engagement

In essence, “The Revolution of Digital Health” event not only celebrated the achievements of the present but also ignited a spark of curiosity and innovation that will undoubtedly shape the future of healthcare, making it more accessible, efficient, and patient-centric. The shared vision and passion exhibited during the event will undoubtedly continue to drive the digital health revolution narrative forward across the region and beyond, making a tangible difference in the lives of patients and healthcare providers alike.

We would love to continue the conversation in a series of follow up events next year. There is a real appetite for collective change, including the continuous learning of advances in technology and the challenges faced.

Together we will make a difference – Stay tuned for our Digital healthcare revolution with a series of events to continue the conversation.

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