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Roundtable: Incubators as an engine for growth

The Exchange, Centenary Square, Birmingham B1 2DR

20220330 111720

10.00hrs to 13.00hrs, Wednesday 30 March 2022

David Kidney of the West Midlands Health Technologies Cluster and Andrew Shortt of the Greater Birmingham & Solihull LEP’s Growth Hub are jointly hosting a roundtable to discuss incubators as an engine for growth in the health tech sector in the West Midlands.

The roundtable has been planned with a view to achieving a common understanding of:

  • What we mean by “Incubators” and what they do;
  • The models of operation in the West Midlands; and
  • The contribution to growth in the health tech sector.

And from this position to go on to consider if it is possible to agree a common purpose to:

  • Maximise the impact of incubators in making a bigger difference; and
  • Agree what needs to be done to use incubators to drive growth.

Abigail Taylor and George Bramley of University of Birmingham will share the University’s research about the value of incubators.

Andrew Shortt and Angie Reynolds will share a case study about the development of Unit 9 at Birmingham Research Park as a new incubator which will give an insight into such practical issues as the demand for space, the business case, the cost and potential sources of funding.

There will then be group discussions to try to answer these three questions:

How might we benefit from incubators as an engine for growth?

What should we be doing to promote more use of incubators?

What help do we need to make best use of incubator services?

David Kidney, Executive Chair of the Cluster says the aim is to come up with recommendations for making better use of incubator services in health tech in the West Midlands:

“We will be looking for a consensus on a vision for incubators as an engine for growth in the West Midlands. We hope to identify solid, practical next steps for the organisations and individuals in the room, for example, a call to action, a strategy and a communications plan.”

Practical considerations that are expected to be discussed could include:

  • The role of Universities in supporting incubators
  • The cost and benefit calculation
  • Quick wins
  • The contributions that participants can bring to the table
  • West Midlands developing something unique
  • West Midlands having a stronger offer to businesses and investors as a result.

For further information CONTACT
David Kidney
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